Acura Motor Oil and Vital Fluids

List of Acura Automobile Oil Part Numbers

OilSize  Synthetic Blend  Ultimate Synthetic
0w-20  Quart  08798-9141
5w-20  Quart  08798-9133  08798-9142
5w-30  Quart  08798-9134  08798-9143
5W-30 HTO-06 Spec.  Quart  08798-9143
10w-30  Quart  08798-9135  08798-9144
Fluid    Type    Size  Part Number
ATF-DW1  Transmission Fluid    Quart  08200-9008A
ATF-Type 2.0  Transmission Fluid   Quart  08200-9015A
ATF-Type 3.1  Transmission Fluid    Quart  08200-9017A
CVT Fluid  Transmission Fluid   Quart  08798-9006A
MTF  Transmission Fluid   Quart  08798-9031A
AWD Fluid  Rear Differential   Quart  08200-9007A
VTM-4  Rear Differential   Gallon  08200-9003A
HGO-1  Transfer Assembly Fluid   Quart  08200-9014A
Antifreeze/Coolant Type 2  Antifreeze/Coolant   Gallon  OL999-9011A
DOT-3  Brake Fluid   12 fl. oz  08798-9008A
Power Steering Fluid  Power Steering Fluid   12 fl. oz  08206-9002A
Washer Concentrate/Antifreeze  Windshield Washer   16 fl. oz  08798-9025A